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Outside  play

The children love to be outside in the garden but also our village park, and other local places.

Our garden is set up in four parts.  Part one is the enclosed patio just off the kitchen which will be used for free flow play during parts of the day (this area is currently being revamped). The second part is the grass area which is for Bodhi and Luna, our dogs, to play. The third part is our fenced off vegetable patch where we grow our own fruit and vegetables with the kids.

The fourth part is the best! The top half of the garden is fenced off just for the children's play area. It has artificial grass so when the weather is not great the kids can still play without getting muddy or too wet. During the summer we put gazbos up to provide shade and we also have our own outside learning area (a large well ventilated tent) so we can carry on our learning outside whatever the weather.

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