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I am a local mum of two boys who currently attend Finstock School and both previously attended Judd's Juniors.  I joined as Tammy's Assistant in April 2018 and really enjoy working with her and helping to look after and care for children in the setting.  My background is in Business/Human Resources as I studied at Portsmouth University for a Degree and Postgraduate Diploma, living by the sea for 10 years.  I worked as a Human Resources Officer for nearly 10 years before moving to Oxfordshire when my eldest was 18 months old.  I then worked in local council administration when my boys were young, but as I watched them grow and develop, and spending time with Tammy running the local Toddler Group, I realised that I would like to work within Early Years. I find it is such a fulfilling career - to be able to help and support children learn and develop, exploring the world around them and being a big part of that is very rewarding. 

I am continually developing my knowledge within Early Years through online training and courses.  I also recently volunteered for a local Reading Assistance programme which aims to encourage a love of reading with school children - enhancing and improving their lives.  My own interests include reading, creative arts and crafts, baking and exercise - I love running around the local area as well as attending fitness classes in the village.

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