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Our Pets

We have two lovely dogs. Bodhi (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) has always had a very loving nature about him and loves to get cuddles and a good old scratch behind the ears. He enjoys sitting and watching the kids play and waiting his turn for some attention. We have been very lucky and had Luna (Yellow Labrador) when she was 10 weeks old so the children have been able to watch her grow up and have have had their own little part in her development.

Our dogs are a very big part of our family and they get a big part of the setting too, but to reassure you the top half of the garden is fenced off and is a dog free zone where the child can run around and play. The children also have a patio area which again is fenced off to the dogs. Don't worry, the dogs have a lovely grassed area to run around and play in. Both dogs go outside when children are arriving and leaving and greet you at the side gate (the children love this in the morning!) The dogs have the run of the house during the day and the back door is sometimes open which is why we have a stair gate on the playroom door. During meal times the dogs stay on their beds and if they don't they go outside so the children can eat without distraction. We have also partitioned the kitchen so the dogs can't go into the area where the meals are made. The most important thing is the children are NEVER unsupervised with the dogs.

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